The Role of Storytelling in Helping Patients Say Yes to High Value Dentistry

Course Description:
All marketing is storytelling. Those stories have the power to help patients recognize you as their guide to an attractive healthy smile. If your marketing is falling flat, you might be focused on the wrong subject. This course will help you tell a story that gets patients excited to book their next visit and even more excited for the transformation they'll receive when they accept treatment.

Course Objectives:
– Understand how storytelling can help patients value oral health and dental practice services
– Craft marketing messages that resonate with patients and motivate them to action
– Engage and connect better with patients when presenting high value treatment options

Author Bio:
Charles Biami is the founder, and chief marketing manager of Driven Dental Implant Marketing, a digital marketing agency that helps dentists consistently and affordably attract high value patients. He holds a BS in Communications from the University of IL. Driven Dental Implant marketing leverages digital marketing channels to drive 20-50 dental implant and comprehensive cosmetic cases to the practice each month.