The Secret Formula to Stop Your HR Nightmares

Course Description:
The biggest challenge that every Dental business owner has in common is hiring, developing and retaining top talent, all the while running a practice and maintaining a high quality of patient care! Join us as we reveal the secret formula on how to create an incredible work environment staffed with engaged & happy team members that will grow your practice! Let's put a stop to those dreaded HR nightmares once and for all!

Course Objectives:
– Learn how to create & implement a strategic hiring protocol that will save you time & find only the best team members for your practice.
– Develop a systematic onboarding program to train & develop your new team member so they can become a valuable part of your team in the briefest period possible.
– How to implement an effective HR program that will allow you to create long-term, engaged & loyal team members.

Author Bio: 
Samantha Leonard has worked in the Dental Industry for over a decade. Starting off as Dental Assistant, she eventually transitioned into management and worked with world-renown Orthodontist, Dr. Sam Daher to create a a multi-million dollar practice from scratch. They have now expanded their successful practice into six locations across Canada. She spends her days helping dental practices find and recruit top talent for their office, creating strategic HR plans for dental practices, and coaching dental owners and managers on how to grow their business with the right people and processes – and see massive success.