Toddler tactics…Hygiene tips and tricks for little people in the general practice

Course Description:
Using toddler psychology to gain trust and cooperation during the hygiene visit is the key to developing a great patient-clinician experience throughout childhood. Easy to understand verbiage along with humor and relatable objects create trust and cooperation. Toddlers are just little adults and understanding this we are able to develop greater knowledge of how to simplify appointments and make it fun, easy, and enjoyable for everyone.

Course Objectives:
– Learn to be comfortable treating toddlers in the hygiene chair in a general practice.
– Learn to educate caregivers in oral home care, diet, and caries prevention.

Author Bio:
Valerie Seger has been in the dental world for 28 years, first as an orthodontic assistant and then a dental hygienist. Her passion for the pediatric population, including special needs and adults with dental anxiety, has been her focus along with connecting local dental professionals with other local dental professionals for CE's, meetups, and opportunities through several online groups. She was fortunate to be a guest presenter for AE instruments to local sales reps and hopes to expand into public speaking.