Course Description:

Dr. Harms will use her personal experiences in dentistry, life, grief counseling and mediation to help participants recognize others' emotional needs and understand the physical and psychological effects of mental illness, anxiety and grief. Explore the effects of loss pain and suffering as well as the power of resilience, humor and joy. Increase your understanding of the emotional needs of your patients, team members, families, even yourself and promote greater harmony in your personal and professional life.

Course Objectives:

  • Identify the connection between emotional pain and dentistry
  • ​Understand how to adjust treatment and manage behavior for those who are affected by emotional illness and grief

Author Bio:

Kimberly Harms: Dr. Harms offers a unique perspective in the areas of loss, transition, and conflict. She draws from 30 years of clinical dentistry, numerous leadership roles, grief counseling, and Peer Review. She has experienced numerous catastrophic losses including the suicide deaths of her mother and son. Dr. Harms' mission is to prepare attendees to survive and ultimately thrive through life's inescapable conflicts, losses, and transitions.

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