You can think your practice is Compliant or you can know it.

Course Description:
Summary: Every single dental practice is at risk every single day of being investigated or shut down for not following regulations. Your practice may be in danger of infection control breaches that place patients and employees in harms way. Here are 7 questions to ask yourself to see if you are in or out of compliance.

Course Objectives:
– Identify areas of non-compliance in a dental practice
– Create an Action plan to advance safe and secure dental care

Author Bio:
Leslie is an international speaker and consultant specializing in Infection Control, OSHA, Dental Practice Act, HIPAA regulations and Accommodating Special Needs Patients. In the dental field since 1972, Leslie helps dental teams understand and simplify complex regulations. She provides In-office training and webinars, and telephone coaching. Leslie’s a Certified Speaking Professional and has earned the reputation as an outstanding speaker in dentistry. She is an AGD Provider and offers continuing education credit.