When running a dental practice, the results you achieve will come from the decisions you make and the actions you take. But in a busy dental practice, it can be difficult for you and your team to make the best decisions consistently. That’s why we’ve outlined three simple ways to improve your decision making, straight from Lee Búzard’s training course video

Whether it’s the practice leader or team member, keeping this information top of mind can go a long way to building a more profitable and fulfilling practice.

1. Create a practice vision to help make decisions easier. 

If you know what you want your practice to become in the future, it makes it much easier to make decisions in the present. Create a strategy for your practice by weighing assets and long term objectives. Have a business plan for the future. 

What is it you’re looking to obtain? More patients? More time off? Hiring another associate, or setting up for retirement? Analyze where your practice is at the moment, and create a realistic goal. 

Be organized in every aspect of your practice. Planning is the most important part of reaching a goal. Do the same exercise with your team members. Walk them through the vision for the practice and their position. Ask them about their personal vision, too. Then discuss how their visions can be achieved through helping the practice achieve your goals, too.

2. Focus on long-term goals.

Be willing to make hard short-term decisions to achieve a better long-term future for you, your practice, and your team members. Emphasize this point with your team members, as well. Leading by example when making decisions with a long-term focus will help your team make better long-term decisions, too.

If your goal is to obtain more patients, think about what kind of patients you want. Patients who seek services? Or just basic dental care? Focus your decisions on leading your practice toward the long-term future you desire. 

3. Take ownership in the choices you make, right or wrong.

Once you pinpoint what your business goals are, figure out what you and your team need to do to get there. Don’t be afraid to make some mistakes. 

There is no “right” way to achieve your goals, but own up to any mistakes you stumble upon. Most importantly, learn from the mistakes you make.

Show your dental staff that you can own up to mistakes, and you will be respected for it. Keep your whole practice in mind when making decisions. Once again, your leadership by example will help everyone make better decisions.

Are you ready for better results in your practice? 

Implementing these tips into your practice will allow you and your team members to make better decisions for your practice’s future. 

If you're interested in more about better decision making for your practice, check out the full training,  by Lee Búzard.  Also join the Trapped in an OP and Dental Hub 360 Facebook groups to connect with other dental professionals from around the world, today.