When you think of a successful dental team, not only are they capable, but they have an underlying foundational characteristic: coachability. Coachability is the willingness to dedicate yourself to doing something different even when you don't feel like it.  This characteristic is vital to boosting morale within your team. 

If you are a bottleneck, your team produces inconsistent results, and you can’t step away from your office because nothing gets done. Strengthening your dental team can allow for more productivity, and stress off your shoulders. 

At Dental Hub 360, we understand how important it is to build a dental team that works together and is on the same page. That’s why we’ve made it simple for you, with a few simple pointers for team building based on Penny Read’s training video in the hub.

Make sure your team values your practice vision.

Whatever your vision may be for your practice, it’s important that your entire dental staff not only respects it but values it. If one of your team members isn’t on board with your vision, they will not be a successful team player in the long run. 

Providing the latest tools and technologies for your team is an investment, and only those with coachability will be willing to adapt to new techniques. Some team members will be naturally closed off to any new improvements. They’ll think there’s not enough time in your busy schedule to learn new ways. 

Help all team members create personal visions for their careers and life. Then help them understand how helping your practice achieve your vision can help them achieve their personal vision as well. When they see how their vision aligns with the practice’s vision, they will want to improve with your practice. 

Focus on fit over experience.

You’ll likely get better results from someone who is a great team player, shares your vision, and has 3 years of experience than you will with someone with 20 years of experience but no shared vision.

Are you hiring people who are just like you? Oftentimes, leaders look for dental staff members who have similar qualities as themselves. This won’t work for a successful practice. You need varying personalities: doers,  organizers, researchers, trainers. 

You must create a team that has varying special skills, or your practice won’t grow. Imagine a baseball team of all pitchers. If everyone thinks the same way, you will never question your practice, and therefore will never make improvements. 

Lead by example.

Leaders must clearly define what their goals and visions are and model it. If you want your team to be coachable, you need to show them you're open and willing to learn new things. 

Be open to new ideas and suggestions from your team members. Hold feedback meetings weekly to show your team you are open to adapting to new suggestions. If you want your dental team to be coachable, be coachable yourself. 

Ask your staff how coachable you are. Consider how coachable the rest of your team is. Often, leaders get a better picture of how coachable they and their team members really are when they ask for feedback on a regular basis. 

Are you ready to build a better dental team?

Having a strong, united dental team is the key to any successful practice. Invest in building the best one you can by ensuring your team is coachable and willing to adapt. 

Interested in more tips about building the best dental team? Check out Penny Read’s full training video for more details. Also join the Trapped in an OP and Dental Hub 360 Facebook groups to connect with other dental professionals from around the world, today.