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Jasmin Haley, RDH

Changing my profile:

1. When I initially registered, it was hard for me to figure out where to go to update my profile. It would be awesome if at the initial login it directs the user to the profile page so they can update OR have words need the hand symbol that lets users know this where their account information is. I'm used to messing around in tech. Some users will be too frustrated to continue on if they can't find where to go.

2. Give the user the ability to change their image. I have a stop sign instead of an RDH.

Practice Resources:

AH-MAZZZZZING!!! Love it! Just love it! Can't wait to see what else you come up with. Since I am passionate about providing services to patients that are immunocompromised or high-risk. It would be awesome in your practice resources section if you had that too.


Just LOVE IT!! We need more RDH and auxiliary representation in the future but there is no doubt they will grow!

Here is a minor correction for my podcast: It should be by Jasmin Haley, RDH (I have no “e”).

Well done! I will check in periodically. Love all that you are doing!