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Justin Morgan

So the forums are very smooth and clean, which I like.

One thing I learned long ago about how people's eyes read is they like narrow columns of text.

Pick up a newspaper. Notice how easy it is to read. Now imagine if the short columns of text span all the way across the page, edge to edge. It's fatiguing to the eyes after just a few minutes.

Almost all forums have picked up on this trait that newspapers understood long ago. The columns for text on mobile devices are automatically centered and narrow. This is ideal. It's why I often prefer to read on my phone than on my desktop. I've also done studies on dentist's websites which prove that patients read more when the text is narrow. Google search results are very narrow, compared to the amount of white space on the right side. Keep in mind, this is desktop/larger screens only.

Other than that, I think this forum is very sleek and modern looking!