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Anissa Holmes

Oh no!!! FB is definitely not about buying patients…😀

Facebook is about sharing the story of your practice, the amazing dentistry that you're doing and how you're changing lives!

It also allows you to show others how life-changing procedures like dental implants etc can help them as well.

Why Facebook is DISRUPTING the entire marketing scene is that they have so much detailed information about its users and so you can target people based on their distance from your practice, if they have been to your website, if they are married or engaged, based on where they work, etc.

Also, based on the type of ad you create, you can get people to see it for pennies…

And if you connect it to a FB quiz or a landing page, when patients come in for consults, etc they are pre-qualified. They know what to expect, what the procedure will be like, and if they can afford it.