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Sean Crabtree

Good stuff.  In working with practices all over North America we've learned that the key to decreasing cancels/no shows in a dramatic way is really 2 fold.

1-Creating value chairside rather then trying to educate.  Finding out what is most important emotionally for the patient and having them realize how that treatment can get them what they want (hyg needs to be communicated as part of that tx).  Education will not motivate patients or frankly any of us.  If education were the key-no one in healthcare would smoke:)

2-When value is created then a financial commitment at the time of scheduling is no big deal.  And a financial commitment up front will eliminate the vast majority of cancels/no shows.

Stuff still happens for the remaining few and for that, the cancel policy mentioned by the original poster can be a big support.  The key there is to communicate it properly on the FRONT end so as not to have it become punitive.

When really going over board to communicate on the FRONT end then the 3 strike scenario works great.  1st strike let it go, 2nd strike charge, 3rd strike-short call list.

On another note we have found that many cancels can be prevented by simply addressing the cancel call differently.  Many times the person taking that call simply reschedules the patient instead taking the time to dive in and find out why the patient needs to cancel.  Often times a work around can happen.

Hope this helps-Good luck!

Sean Crabtree, The Crabtree Group