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Aimee, I think that you hit the nail on the head! You said you have tracked your day. Then said you found out what you do the most is babysit others.

Let me mention. When I link up with new offices I want to know what people do in a day. Why? Time is always being wasted somewhere. I've had employees track their day multiple times. A great way to have them do this is to say something like ” I'm implementing a new system that I think would help you out here at the office, but I need your help. Would you help me by tracking your day. Let me know what you do throughout the day.”


What I've learned is people dont enjoy being told what to do. If you can convince them that it was their idea to begin with they will be able to help you more than you know. By asking them to help you, it will make them feel empowered. Almost like they are doing you the favor. Its tricky but the reward is worth it.


Great on you for implementing systems and protocols. Now follow through with them. Let people know if they are not followed through with there will be repercussions.


You're on the right track.