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Terri Pukanich

This is actually a pet peeve of mine – office managers are given titles that are difficult to take away without hurt feelings but who most are just glorified business team members.

My Director of Operations number one goal is to achieve profitability targets for the office. She analyzes our P/L statements and make necessary changes to reach those goals.  She does all hiring and firing. She initiates Performance evals that lead to effective professional development for our team.  She oversees training.  She problem solves for the team.  She oversees ALL daily operations.  She is responsible for implementation and follow up of all systems.  She was just responsible for the negotiating, planning and execution of a 4 op expansion – I literally had less than one hour of input.

People like this are not “hired” they are home grown in my belief.  The correct levels of respect have to be in place for this role to be effective for your team.

Also – most offices don't need one at all and it should be the dentist until you are big enough to justify someone in that role.  I didn't have one until last year and we are a 5M/year practice.