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Melissa Dunham

Include a disclosure statement for patients to sign , this disclosure will be using the HITech provision via HipAA.

I applause everything Travis is stating. However, I do find a purpose in Pre-Authorizing Tx.  However, the exact purpose is not for the patient.  There are many uses but primarily they are for the practice itself.    They are to serve the practice.

However, I am all about spending LESS and LESS time on ins admin.

Use the data on all remittance types, add modifier /location codes in your system to track downgrades of materials etc.

Preds also serve as ticket to ownership to the patient for their dental plan.  They also encourage TX acceptance and do not have to be a way of delaying TX.

Simply go back 6 month of unscheduled tx, PreD .  You have them created this “pond of fish” to call on for tx .

I work with several offices including our own-  we operate at over 2 mill, send less than 30 statements monthly, and currently have a 90% tx plan acceptance.

Is it solely due to PRED ? No,  it’s the storage of all data as well as the solid recourse that a PreD creates.  Many pts stay with us regardless of plan participation or return to us after moving because of InS, because we pre-D.

Pred is only a small

part of puzzle.   The best part is,  My staff  , I or the practices in which I have aided rarely call dental plans- for anything.

There is wonderful information in this group!   It seems to be an empowering, and keenly informed group.  I am excited to be here, learn and share!