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  • Darryl “DJ” Turner

    NOTE:  This post requires basic knowledge of using the Facebook Pixel on your website. If you have not installed a Facebook pixel yourself, or at all, then you should consult your web developer to help you through this.

    It's no secret that Facebook Ads are all the rage today for patient acquisition. But how can you know if they're actually working?

    Many times we set up “funnels” where a patient goes through a specific path from stranger to your office. But what about all the phone calls? What about all the website visitors?

    The biggest mistake is assuming 100% of our new patients from Facebook come in like this

     but many times it looks likes this

    So how can you know if the Facebook Ad is working? When you ask your patients where they saw you the answer is often simply “Online”

    This where you take full advantage of the Facebook Pixel. 

    Most people who are DIYing their ads and site now how to place a FB pixel on their site. But they're missing out on custom event tracking.

    By adding a custom event to your booking page, or your booking form, you can track Facebook users who have seen your ad but later visited your site through google or some other non-direct means.

    How do you do this?

    1. Add an event to your booking page.

    If your website has a single page specifically for booking appointments, add extra Facebook pixel code for events such as ”Initiate Checkout' or create a custom conversion on the URL. In other words, tell Facebook “If someone visits http://www.mysite.com/book-appointment I want you to tell me specifically”


    2. Add an event to your phone number.

    If your website has your phone number, where patients can click to call directly from their phone, you can add a pixel event. You're telling Facebook “If someone clicks tel:1112223333, I want you to tell me specifically”


    3. Add a “Thank You Page”

    If your website doesn't have a specific page for people to book an appointment, for example, your booking form is on every page, then you can add a new page for tracking. After someone fills out the form redirect (or send) them to a new page. You're telling Facebook “If someone fills out my form, I want you to tell me”. Just add the pixel code for ‘Lead', ‘Complete Registration', or set up a custom conversion based on the URL. aka “if someone visits http://www.mywebsite.com/confirm-appointment, I want you to tell me specifically”

    So why go through all of this trouble?

    You can more accurately calculate if your Facebook Ads are getting you results. Remember just because you created an ad, or built a funnel, doesn't mean every single patient goes through that exact path. With Facebook tracking, anyone who visits your website within 28 days of seeing your ad will be tracked in ads manager, and you can know which ads working best for you.

    Need help with this or have questions? Just leave a response below.

    Anissa Holmes

    What works well for us is having our front desk ask “How did you hear about us?”  If they say “online” we ask.. was it Facebook, was it an ad that popped up while you were browsing on the web?” From there, they give us a clear answer and we track it in our practice management software.

    I find a more major roadblock to be:

    • that the ads for services such as Invisalign, Implants and Cosmetic Dentistry are not written to bring in those who are ready to get started today or they bring in patients who can't fit the minimum payment.
    • many are not targeting the ads to be seen to those who have high net worth and high home values or those who have previously engaged with your page or who have been to your website.
    • once the person calls the office, the team doesn't know what to say on the phone or they don't know how to close those BIG cases when the patient comes in.

    We started tweaking and testing few things last month and generated an additional $70K from our online efforts.

    Justin Morgan

    Very cool!

    Glenn Vo

    Thanks for sharing!

    DeVon Banks

    Thank you for making that clear. I see the FB pixel setting when posting my ads and never knew how it factored into the big picture. Like Dr. Holmes, we try to make sure we find out where all referrals come from by having a conversation with incoming clients. But this is a good way to make sure the technology piece is doing what it is supposed to do.

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