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  • Sara Ritchie

    Do you have a unique way of answering the phone?

    Ursula Loker

    I rarely answer the phone at my office. But when I do, I always make sure that the “good morning” or “good afternoon” is spoken with enthusiasm and sincerity … the first thing the caller hears makes a huge impression 🙂

    Sandy Pardue

    I love this topic. The telephone is very important to every dental practice and every business.

    Many times the newest employee is put on the phones because someone in the practice thinks that's the easiest job. The phones are important and there are many missed opportunities in practices because of mishandled phone calls.

    I always recommend that the practice decide on three short statements for their greeting and avoid long greetings. You should agree on a standard greeting and put it in writing so that it stays consistent. The greeting like everything else is practiced until it sounds perfect.

    Also, the tone of voice used when answering the phone is very important. The person that answers the phone should sound happy to be there representing the practice.

    The phone should never be an interruption to the front office team and if it is on occasion, the patient should never know it.

    Sandy Pardue

    It takes someone skilled to get potential new patients who call your office to actually be scheduled and then arrive at the office.

    You may be surprised how many times prospective patients call with the intention of scheduling an appointment and never do, or make an appointment and never show up. A good communicator must handle your phones and it is important that they do not put off prospective patients. The phones should be answered by the end of the second ring and the voice they hear should be one that is cheerful and helpful. They are calling to schedule and they are ready now. Get them scheduled within the next week and consider having the doctor give them an introduction call before their appointment. This is a great way to get them to commit to the practice and they will be impressed when doctor asks something like, “How can we make your visit exceptional?”

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