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  • Daniel O’Rourke

    What would it be like if all dentist had the knowledge and ability to diagnose and treat TMD, Myofacial Pain, Neck and Shoulder Pain, Headaches, Tinnitus, Vertogo and Tooth Wear to name a few?

    How about the knowledge to restore the patient to an Optimal Health Model?

    Do you think it would change the profession?


    Garett Seeba

    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Definitely would be of benefit.</p>

    Travis Campbell

    Won't ever happen.

    Basic concept of prices, they are determined based on quality and service.

    If someone did all of that, they would need to charge adequately for it due to the extra training, cost, time, etc.

    However, a majority of the population would not want to pay for that extra service and cost.

    It is no different than the standard difference you see in FFS vs PPO offices.  There is almost always a noticeable difference between the two, which is also reflected in the cost difference.

    steven mautner

    No it would make it too difficult. Also most patients just want to fix minor problems. One caveat: if health insurance covered all of that I'd change my mind.

    steven mautner

    When will we see physicians wondering if they can be “dentists of the body”. Food for thought. Enjoy the weekend.

    Katie To

    Not all dentists but some are practicing this integrative approach. Definitely worth looking into. Mostly FFS offices.

    Hana Kasabri

    While Oral Medicinists are dentists, to become a specialist they pursue two to three years of an advanced education program in a hospital/ dental school set up. Advanced training focuses on an intense interdisciplinary environment with multimodal diagnostic and management approaches. Recently I am doing house job in this dental hospital. https://whitelilydental.ca/cosmetic-dentistry/

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