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  • Travis Campbell

    Being successful with Temporary Employees (Hygiene section)

    Remember, temps work in multiple different offices with different systems, setups, and doctors. If you want your temp to work well quickly with the way you run your office, you should give them simple written directions. Help them have a successful day and you will also end up being happier.

    Here is a sample for a temp hygienist:

    Welcome to our office!
    We understand that every office functions slightly differently, so here are a few guidelines our doctor goes by to help you have a successful day.

    Perio charting – We need a FULL perio chart on every comprehensive exam patient (D0180 or D0150), including pocket depths, recession, bleeding, mobility, furcation, etc. Please take care of this before you start cleaning.
    We do not spot probe on any other visit unless there is a specific concern.

    SRP – If you see a new patient with multiple 5mm pockets that bleed, please discuss perio with the patient before the doctor comes in. Anyone with generalized 4mm pockets with bleeding may likely recommend an SRP.

    X-rays – our doctor is picky with these. Please make sure to get the distal of the canine on anterior BWs, and the distal of the 2nd molar on posterior BWs. If you don't get those, please retake immediately.

    Chairs – The operatory chairs have massagers for the patient. The switch is under the chair on operator side.

    Dyclone – anesthetic mouthwash for limited scalings or patients with sensitive gums. Lean over and swish for 1 minute to keep out of back of the throat. Should give you about 1 hour of gingival anesthetic.  This also works well for gaggers.

    Equipment – We use cassettes for your protection and ease of use. There is a prophy jet available if you would like to use. We also have different scalers available if needed just ask. There is ProRelief prophy polish to use before cleaning if you have a sensitive patient.

    Hygiene assistant – We have hygiene assistants for use to help with most things you may need, just ask if you need anything.

    Clinical Notes – there are note templates in the Hygienist section for your use to help make your job easier, please make use of them.

    Next Appointments – We pre-book next visits before the patient leaves the op. It would be great if you can do this. Your assistant can also help with this if needed.

    If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask. Have a great day!
    – The team

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