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  • Anissa Holmes

    Before placing Facebook ads, be sure each post has an objective. Otherwise, you won’t know who to target or what to say, and the people who see your ad are unlikely to take action. Here are eight common goals for ads:

    • Building awareness of your dental practice’s culture
    • Showing people what makes your practice different from other practices
    • Talking about your services and how you can help people
    • Highlighting testimonials of happy patients
    • Attracting people into a dental marketing sales funnel
    • Filling spots left open by last-minute cancellations
    • Promoting a specific procedure you want to highlight
    • Introducing a new dentist or other team members


    Once you know the purpose of your ad, you will have a better understanding of whom to target and what to say to get people to take action to help you achieve your goal.

    Garett Seeba

    Do you feel posts have to be boosted to be of use?

    Anissa Holmes

    One of the reasons why dental practices don't get their desired result is that they don't understand that getting your content promoted through Facebook is just like getting it promoted in a magazine, or on a billboard, or on the radio.

    You can create the great graphics or great words to use in a radio ad, but if you don't pay for airtime or pay for the ad to go to print, it stays on someone's desk.

    That being said, there are some cool things you can do to significantly increase reach and make posts go viral, including how you do your Facebook lives.

    The docs that go through my FB course typically spend less than $500 a month and many are getting over 100 new patients a month. Their results are based on how they write the ads and how they boost them.

    Mandy Fischer

    Dr. Holmes –

    What would you recommend as the best call-to-action for each objective, and what type of content would you direct viewers to for each ad objective?

    I know you’ve mentioned before you don’t like the Facebook lead forms since you like to control the message and lead process.

    So I would imagine the call-to-action on the Facebook ad vs. the call-to-action on your landing page and/or email sequence might be slightly different as you're dealing someone further along on in your funnel.

    As an example:

    1. You might have a “Learn More” call-to-action on your Facebook ad promoting a specific procedure, which directs them to a landing page.
    2. On the landing page, there's a “Sign Up” call-to-action, which opts them into an email sequence about the benefits of the procedure.
    3. Then the emails each have a “Book Your Consultation” call-to-action, which directs them to your LocalMed scheduling widget.
    Anissa Holmes

    What has been working really well is integrating quiz funnels…

    Take this 2-minute quiz to see if you are a candidate for dental implants… and based on your results you might qualify for a free consultation.

    If you are not using funnels, then you can send them to your Local Med online scheduling link or to your web contact page to schedule a free consult.

    I do 2-3 free consults in the afternoons, which fill my schedule for really big cases in the mornings. The key, also, is having a few payment options… such as an opportunity to save a little if they pay in full up front.

    Garett Seeba

    What percentage of these free consults convert into actual cases. Also do you discount your fees for them?

    Anissa Holmes

    Last month we had over 65 online appointments made which added over 70K of additional revenue last month. After 8 days this month, we are way above out goals and have already done over 29 crowns.

    We DO not discount. I don't think that you have to.

    If you can get to the heart of finding out what they really want..why they are there. Asking them their STORY and listening…

    Getting permission to tell them everything that they see.. and letting them know that your TC will give them a few options for payment including pre-paying for a small courtesy or paying a little over time (3rd party).

    Showing confidence that you can solve their stated issue goes a long long way.

    Good luck!

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