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  • Anissa Holmes

    High-end procedures like Invisalign or dental implants offer a great opportunity for dentists to use online funnels to attract new patients because they automate many of the steps every person goes through before choosing a dentist.

    For example, most new patients walk through four steps before becoming a patient. First, they become aware of you. Second, they become interested in something you have to offer. Third, they decide to learn more about you. Finally, they make an appointment for treatment.

    My team and I have used online funnels to help me and other dentists automate this four-step process for dental practices and then present the funnels to people using targeted Facebook ads.

    For example, if you wanted to attract people to your practice for dental implants, you could create a short checklist that helps people know if they are eligible for dental implants and present it to people through a Facebook ad. Your Facebook ad will make them aware of you and generate interest. By clicking on your ad and giving you their email address in exchange for the checklist, they make it through the second step, becoming interested in more information.

    After sending the guide, you can automate follow-up emails that answer frequently asked questions, show before-and-after pictures, and present an offer and call to action, such as asking them to make an appointment for a free consultation or present another special offer.

    By answering their frequently asked questions, you will build trust with them and get them interested in learning more about you.

    Your call to action for a free consultation or special offer will present an opportunity for them to take the final step.

    Garett Seeba

    What age demographic typically uses facebook in regards to learning about dental implants?

    Anissa Holmes

    We typically target 28-60-year-olds.

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