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  • Travis Campbell

    Would it be possible to have the system default to “get email notices of responses” when you initiate a post?

    I understand where when responding to a post someone may or may not want notice of other responses, but when starting the post a vast majority are going to want notice.

    Amanda Marie

    First, I'm loving DentalHub so far! But, there's a couple of things I've noticed…I'm not able to view my profile from my phone – I have to do it from my laptop. Also, it's much easier to navigate from the desktop in general than from my iphone – I'm not sure why and it may just be me!

    Any plans to morph this into an app? That would be pretty awesome, too!

    Mark Collins

    The ability to attatch documents to the posts would be very helpful. I would like to share some of my forms to help people and the best place to share the forms is where we are discussing the topic.

    Elijah Desmond

    Thank you all for your suggestions. Nothing gets unread here and it’s the whole point of our amazing beta testers.

    Charlotte Smiled

    Excited to see this grow!  A place for ALL dental professionals 😍

    Victoria Fedor

    This site is going to rock. I would love to see a section for dental assistants.  Just a thought!

    Jasmin Haley, RDH

    As an RDH entrepreneur, it would be awesome to see a forum specifically for that. Perhaps even differentiating it and having one for DDS with clinical business and one for auxiliaries who have branched out in other creative ways. I would love to find my “home” that represents my current role within this awesome community! Don't forget our educators in academia too!

    Justin Morgan

    So the forums are very smooth and clean, which I like.

    One thing I learned long ago about how people's eyes read is they like narrow columns of text.

    Pick up a newspaper. Notice how easy it is to read. Now imagine if the short columns of text span all the way across the page, edge to edge. It's fatiguing to the eyes after just a few minutes.

    Almost all forums have picked up on this trait that newspapers understood long ago. The columns for text on mobile devices are automatically centered and narrow. This is ideal. It's why I often prefer to read on my phone than on my desktop. I've also done studies on dentist's websites which prove that patients read more when the text is narrow. Google search results are very narrow, compared to the amount of white space on the right side. Keep in mind, this is desktop/larger screens only.

    Other than that, I think this forum is very sleek and modern looking!

    Gabriela Barsh RDH

    I would love a dental assistant sectionAlso I plan on mostly navigating this via phone. I'm so excited to use this and to eventually share it with all my DA students, and all my dental network connections.

    Chris Hoffpauir

    Thanks for all of the feedback and suggestions folks. We have a meeting every week and discuss what you have posted here. Please keep your ideas coming and help us to continue getting better and better.

    Kevin Ju

    Looks good. Looked at some videos in CE section, and it would help if the user is able to fast forward, rewind, and see the time progression bar upon mouse over.

    Mark Collins

    Will there be a search for name, or topic or work in message boards? I am not sure if there is one.

    Travis Campbell

    Would love to see a way to see more than the 4 most recent posts.  Even better would be a tracker to see any new posts since last visit to the site.

    Travis Campbell

    Oh, and the like/dislike buttons for posts!

    Daniela Chobor

    I second the need for an app – I am sure it is in the worx <3

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