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  • Dr. Leslie Pasco


    It is human nature to be attracted to problems. To look at them, examine them, try and figure them out and solve them. In fact, as a dentist, you are a natural born problem solver! Not all problems should be solved. There are two types of problems, constructive problems or destructive problems. Constructive problems are problems once solved lead to growth and expansion in your business or life. Destructive problems are problems that lead to shrinkage and contraction in your business and life. What I have found in working with thousands of dentists, is that dentists hold on to the destructive problems in their practice. Particularly destructive patients, the patient who is not contributing to the expansion of your practice, your career or your life. These are the patients who ask you to ignore their dental disease, get them by and patch them up despite all of your education and explanation. They refuse to let you help them. These are the patients that habitually waste your time, booking appointments and not showing up, and preventing other willing patients from taking those appointments and getting better. These are the patients that are rude to your team, and to you. These are the patients who refuse to pay for the expert service you provide them. Not all problems should be solved. Some problems need to be moved elsewhere. You have and deserve the right to treat who you feel comfortable treating. You have and deserve the right to be a doctor of medical dentistry and to do what is best for the patients who present as a constructive problem, a willing patient. For those who are destructive, and won’t let you help them, you do not need to hold on, you need to let go. There is some dentist, somewhere, that will allow the patient to be destructive. It doesn’t have to be you. Stop holding on to destructive problems, start focusing on solving the constructive problems and watch your practice, career and life expand

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