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  • Anissa Holmes

    Once your dental office  Facebook page is set up and optimized, you’re ready to build your Facebook following and convert strangers into patients. The first thing you can do to start building your dental office Facebook page following is to invite your Facebook friends to like your page. To invite your Facebook page to like your Facebook page, click the gray button with three dots on it under your Facebook page cover photo, to the left of your blue “Learn More,” “Schedule an Appointment,” or “Send Message” button. Next, click “Invite Friends,” and click the “Invite” button next to all friends you want to invite.

    This is a quick and easy way to get your first one hundred or more Facebook fans. Although many of these people won’t be patients, they will be family and friends who know, like, and trust you; and your invitation to like your page might help you get some of them to become patients. Even if it doesn’t encourage them to become your patients, they will be likely to like, comment on, or share your posts when they appear in their timeline, thus increasing the odds of your posts going viral! You can also ask patients to like your dental office Facebook page when they come in.

    With family, friends, and patients liking your page, you will be well on your way to growing your impact and reach through creating the best Facebook posts on your Facebook page and placing the best Facebook ads for specific promotions and additional reach.

    In addition to asking friends, family, and patients to like your page, a great way to get people excited about your practice on Facebook is to create a contest where you hold a random drawing to give away a free treatment to one person who likes your page and then likes, comments, and shares a specific post within a certain timeframe. You could even ask your family, friends, and Facebook page fans to nominate someone else to receive the free service.

    In my practice, we regularly give back through something we call Project Smile. We do everything on Facebook to reward people who follow our Facebook page, and we don’t even tell our patients. The way Project Smile works is we announce that we will give away a free smile makeover and ask people to share our announcement post on their Facebook timelines.

    The post we ask them to share directs people to nominate someone who deserves a free smile makeover with an image of their smile, so we can see if they’re a candidate. We narrow down the list, invite the finalists for a cleaning to take a closer look at their mouths, and then choose a winner for the full smile makeover. Our Facebook fans love following and sharing our Project Smile posts and often see what other services we provide and come to us for an appointment.

    Between invitations, contests, and community- or giving-based promotions, your dental office Facebook page can build a large audience of raving fans for your dental practice.


    Theresa Lister

    It sounds like the rules are looser where you are! Where I am, we aren't supposed to offer free incentives or deals to “buy” patients. The Alberta Dental Association has been known to fine dentists who have a sign outside their office advertising a free exam etc for new patients. Sigh.

    Madhu Seth

    Hi! According to facebook rules we cant ask people to share any giveaway on their timeline.

    Anissa Holmes

    Oh no!!! FB is definitely not about buying patients…😀

    Facebook is about sharing the story of your practice, the amazing dentistry that you're doing and how you're changing lives!

    It also allows you to show others how life-changing procedures like dental implants etc can help them as well.

    Why Facebook is DISRUPTING the entire marketing scene is that they have so much detailed information about its users and so you can target people based on their distance from your practice, if they have been to your website, if they are married or engaged, based on where they work, etc.

    Also, based on the type of ad you create, you can get people to see it for pennies…

    And if you connect it to a FB quiz or a landing page, when patients come in for consults, etc they are pre-qualified. They know what to expect, what the procedure will be like, and if they can afford it.

    Anissa Holmes

    This Video was shared 135 times and had 45 K views. At the beginning of the FBlive we let people know that we were a making life-changing announcement and if they could share with their friends it could change someone's life.

    Hundreds of practices that I've helped have done the same thing with using the same targeting strategy to get similar results..

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