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  • Amanda Marie

    How much time do you get per patient/procedure?

    • New patient
    • prophy recare
    • perio recare
    • SRP per quad/2 quads/ full mouth
    • Other
    Elijah Desmond

    New patient: 1.5 hours

    Prophy recare: 45 mINUTES

    Perio recare: 1 HOUR
    SRP per quad/2 quads/ full mouth: Depends


    Travis Campbell

    New adult patient: 1.5 hours  (2 if they tell us on phone they have lots of problems or it has been 10 years since last visit) – almost always start PX or at least 2 quads perio on that visit.

    Prophy or PM (with exam a/o xrays): 1 hour

    Prophy or PM only: 40 minutes

    Child NP: 1 hour

    Child recare: 40 min

    SRP: most cases 15 minutes per D4342 and 30 minutes per D4341

    Charlotte Smiled

    New Patient goes with Doctor first and then I get one hour

    Prophy on a six month visit gets one hour

    Prophy or perio maintenance on a 3 month schedule gets one hour

    Children get 1/2 hr

    SRP is up to me but usually 1 hour for 1 or 2 quads

    (all of this is up to my description. i.e.:  6 months visit with minimal calculus and doesn't need X-rays or exam I'll give myself 30 minutes to accommodate the next person that may need a full set, FMP, and exam.  That's the beauty of pre scheduling your own calendar chairside)

    Lani McBeth

    I have the opportunity to spend at least 1 hour with my adult patients. Usually 40 minutes with children under 13. I can schedule as much time as I need for SRP patients. I am finding that as a clinician, if I want to complete a full prophy and educate on OH, Nutrition, Dental needs, do a complete review of the health history, less than a 60 minute appointment all this is not possible. I feel it is a part of my license to provide high quality care for my patients.

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