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  • Glenn Vo

    I love EDDM

    Meghna Dassani

    I have to get started 🙁

    Keep talking about doing it… how hard is it to do it? How much time should i allocate for this?

    Paige Sohn

    I ran my first set a few weeks ago and it went really well. My brother in law designed them and used a printer he uses for his clients and we all counted them out. Really easy once the brochure is done.

    Glenn…is the price the same for mailing at the post office for all the different sizes of postcards or is it more expensive for the smaller pieces?

    Meagan Williams

    We are getting ready to do our first campaign through EDDM. It's so much more economical than using a service.

    Glenn Vo

    A helpful EDDM tip would be to have multiple post card designs readily available so that you can switch campaigns out throughout the year

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