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  • Meghna Dassani

    How many hygienists take impressions for Nightguards or bleaching trays? How do you stay on track for time?

    Elijah Desmond

    I remember my first time I took an impression after hygiene school was about 2 years after I graduated! Took me about 10 attempts to get it right! Ouch….. I guess thats a use it or lose it! I would never stay on time if I had to take them!

    Amanda Marie

    When I first graduated hygiene school, I worked in an office that offered “free whitening” for new patients. Needless to say, I got really good at it! I would suggest having supplies ready and available close to or in your operatory. You can put the alginate powder in pre-measured zip lock bags and even have the water pre-measured if that helps. Talk to your manager about having enough supplies on hand to help you be more time efficient and stay on schedule. Here's a cool youtube video that may help!  How to Mix Alginate in a Bag



    Travis Campbell

    Mine used to, but now with having a hygiene assistant they never do.  My HA gets really good at them though 🙂

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