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  • Anissa Holmes

    In addition to preparing rooms and assisting, how are you utilizing your Dental Assistant to increase revenue for the practice?

    Meghna Dassani

    Our assistants help with marketing to neighboring businesses as well. Internal as well as external marketing.

    Thu Nguyen

    I give them KPI's.  One of the KPI's is to make sure their dentist bill $400/hour.

    Meghan Darby

    We also have KPIs in check. I am slowly working through a list to expand their skills. (We don't have expanded function assistants.) These include, pre and postoperative instructions, postoperative calls and checks for all but my surgeries, notes, lab work (pouring diagnostic models, bleaching trays, etc), temp crowns, fitting permanent crowns, and NEW designing and milling same day crowns. I bite off small chunks throughout the workday to train. I train while chairside unless patients are very nervous. I basically never touch my computer during the workday because if I'm not in patient care, I am training assistants. (I have very young, new assistants. I find that this had led to open, productive growth and less stress around “correction.)

    Shannon McCarthy

    My assistant does mostly all of the work on my E4D crowns. Except for the prep and cementing she does it all!

    Keisha Smith-Pagan

    Apart from designated KPIs (to improve overall practice efficiency and productivity) and expanded clinical training (impressions, whitening, mouth guards, I/O scans, temporization's, etc…), all our assistants review any outstanding treatment with patients when they are seated in the operators with the aim of maximizing production for that visit. The patient is already in the chair so we try to accomplish as much treatment as reasonably possible!

    Stephanie Rankin

    My assistant has been a great marketing resource for me. I just joined Bootcamp so I don't even know what a KPI is right now? LOL! But she has referred so many patients to my practice that she meets at the gym, grocery store, church, etc. She is also cross-trained and helps at front desk as well!

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