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  • Anissa Holmes

    I have a Trios Scanner. Looking to do In-Office milling.  What milling machine do you recommend?

    Martin Jablow Jablow

    Depends on the material and use that you want? Anything from a Roland  https://www.rolanddga.com/products/dental/dwx-4-dental-milling-system to a Glidewell TS 150 which will do Zirconia.

    Mark Collins

    I thought Zirconia was easy to mill and all of the machines could mill it.  Glidewell is one crown at a time.  What about milling machines that can mill one crown at a time, multiple crowns or bridges, dentures, nigh guards, and sleep appliances? How about the ability to change the pucks per the desired product?  Then what software do you wish to use to design the crown, bridges etc.

    Shammick Kotecha

    I have had the ts 150 and it does not work for emax, only their material obsidian, vita enamic, lava ultimate and zirconia. I would look at others such as Straumann mill or the Roland. I went to the Ceres system. The zirconia in the ts 150 was sintered and needed a new but each time.

    My 2 cents.

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