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  • Katie To

    How to impress your patient and stand out as the go to cosmetic dentist in the area?

    Having a designated dental photo studio in the office has been huge for our cosmetic case acceptance. We've trained the team on how to take photos, intraorally and professional headshots for before and after cases.

    Bonus: All the smiling photos on the office wall are our patients, no matter big or small cases.

    Sirisha Bhandaru

    Great idea! How did you set it up?

    Do you have a place where your logo is placed on the background? Do you use special lighting? Can you recommend your favorites?

    Jamily Pedro

    Hi, can you recommend a good brand for the “ring “ stand up  lamp I see people using for their patient studio?

    Anissa Holmes

    Great idea!  What camera are you using?

    Garett Seeba

    My one comment on this is be sure you know how to use whatever camera you get. You can have the Ferrari of cameras but if you don’t understand the settings the image quality can be worse than point and shoot. 🤓

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