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  • Anissa Holmes

    Anyone running AdWords campaigns? What has been your ROI vs Facebook Marketing or Direct Mail?

    Meghna Dassani

    We start this week! Excited to see how this goes!

    Justin Morgan

    The effectiveness of Adwords relies heavily on who's managing the campaign. After years of wading through myriads of specialists, I found a guy who I refer to.

    The practices I refer to him all seem to be doing very well. I can log in and see the number of calls they're getting at adwords.google.com, anytime.

    Elijah Desmond

    We have found that it depends on what your marketing for exactly. For example it is a lot easier to get an ROI when marketing for high value cases such as dental implants.

    Mark Collins

    Adwords are so important if you are on a multiple town area like three cities within 10 miles, or a very large city.  Google will place you for your location on their maps and listing, but you lose all the other areas. I find it important to target ad space to all the surrounding areas heavy and let the natural placement on Google help with your local search.


    Farah Marashi

    dHello Justin, Do you mind letting me know what company you refer your clients for google adwords ? Thank you.

    Justin Morgan

    Hi Farah, I'm currently checking out his performance to make sure he's doing a great job. Although people are happy, there was one dentist who tried Adwords for 14 days and was unsatisfied. So I'm investigating what happened before I start referring to him again.

    Charlotte Smiled

    Whoever you work with, make sure they have super transparent reporting so you'll know exactly where the leads came from, what happened to them after they were sent to the office for a follow up, and to get an accurate ROI summary.
    Otherwise, you are just guessing.

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