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  • Sara Ritchie

    How are you getting your Team to ask for reviews?

    Katie To

    Hi Sara,

    We identify the patients that we're going to ask for review at morning huddle each day. We also flag the ones that have gmail on their record. Then we assign who ask that patient so they don't get too many request. We also track review asked on our white board.

    Sirisha Bhandaru

    We have a sign with all our social media platforms on it at the check out that faces the team members and the patient.. we confirm their cell phone number. Team member then tells the patient that they will get an email and text in an hour asking for a  review, and that itwould mean a lot to the doctor if they could complete it .. we have gotten over 40 reviews in the past 4 months using this strategy!!

    Bryan Byrd

    Hi there Sarah,

    We recently help Dr. Debra King gain 92 new 5 star reviews in 3.5 weeks using our Google R text/QR signs.  We place these in every operatory and at the front desk.  The team asked every customer who was at the “Height of Delight” at the office and simply used the signs to simplify the process of leaving a review for the patient.

    Not sure if the links will work below but happy to discuss more.

    Bryan Byrd

    VP Sales, Dental Innovations





    Enroll – Bryan Byrd 11


    Drew Sparks

    Hey Sara,

    You should check out http://www.swellcx.com. We're the easiest tool out there for asking your patients to leave you reviews on sites like Google and Facebook. Check out this link to Morton Dental Center, they started using our system and received 80 new 5-star Google reviews in just 4 days. Pretty impressive.

    Morton Dental Center Google Reviews

    Let me know if you'd like to learn more! drew@swellcx.com, 844-560-2626

    Elijah Desmond

    I feel like the automated way is better than flat out asking. It's almost like it is easy to ask them to refer their friends but not as easy to go ask for a review.

    steven mautner

    I never do this.

    Darrell Pruitt

    I used to ask for reviews, and successfully collected lots. Then it occurred to me that I get tired of being asked for reviews myself. They still come in, but not as many. And they are my patients' idea, not an imposition.

    Drew Sparks

    Darrell, good points you made there. I actually think that is why using an automated system like http://www.swellcx.com is so beneficial. You don't have to remember, and you get to avoid the awkwardness of asking your patients to leave a review – AND you can set up a filter within the system to ensure that patients don't get asked after every visit. (eg. only sent another review request after 3, 6, or 12 months has passed)

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