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  • Samantha Leonard

    Picture this: It’s a warm and sunny day. It feels like the stars have aligned and you are having an AMAZING day– every patient showed up on time, the clinic is running smoothly, you & your team are converting every treatment proposed. You are feeling like you are on cloud nine! At the end of one of your top producing days, your lead assistant walks into your office and hands you her notice of resignation! Panic sets in…your heart sinks into your stomach…100 thoughts are running through your mind.

    You stop and ask yourself:

    “BUT WHY?? How did this happen? Where did it go wrong?”
    We’ve been there… it’s a horrible feeling! By the time you reach this point, it is already too late to do anything about it!

    Understanding why employees feel like it’s time to leave your practice can help you avoid hearing those dreaded words…”I QUIT!”

    5 TOP Reasons for Employee Turnover

    1. Lack of Communication: As the leader of your team, you HAVE to be the one to direct your employees to a particular goal and provide them everything they require to get there! Not only does this improve productivity but provides a great work environment.
    2. No Recognition: 82% of employees say that the lack of recognition towards their initiatives leads them to consider switching employers.
    3. Micromanagement: The best employees find a job satisfying when they have the freedom to make a decision about how to do their tasks and when their voice and suggestions are heard.
    4. Bad Bosses: They say people quit not their jobs, but their bosses! To have a toxic relationship with the person an employee reports to undermines the employee’s engagement, confidence, and commitment.
      Employees don’t need to be friends with their employers but they need to have a relationship. The boss is too much of an integral part of their daily lives at work for an uncomfortable relationship.
    5. Office Culture: Employees appreciate a work environment where management is accessible, communication is transparent, the direction is clear, and where Dentists/Managers are approachable.

    DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU! A happy team is one of the GREATEST assets in your practice! Treat them well, engage them and invest in their personal growth and development.

    Here is How to Start

    1. Ensure you have the RIGHT HR documents and systems in place
    2. Know the direction you want to take your practice in the next 5 years to develop your roadmap
    3. Have a whole team meeting to inform and engage your team and share your vision
    4. Start by scheduling your next performance review

    If you pay attention to these 5 factors, you will reduce turnover and retain your most wanted employees. If not, you’ll be holding regular exit interviews and good-bye lunches. It’s expensive and time-consuming to recruit a new employee.

    Why not spend the effort necessary to retain the employees that you have already painfully recruited and hired?

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