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  • Justin Morgan

    Dentists often ask me the biggest obstacle to success in SEO. I say it's the “pay and pray” method of investing in SEO.

    Dentists often find a company who seems legit, and without asking any substantive questions simply pay a small monthly fee. But there is a serious problem with investing in SEO which you don't understand…

    How are you supposed to know if SEO is effective, when you haven't any idea what's involved?

    SEO can seem mysterious, but this is only because SEO companies refuse to explain what you're paying for. This leads many dental professionals to a feeling of overwhelm, resulting in the pay and pray tactic. The pay and pray tactic can even lead you to being permanently banned by Google. I've seen dentists deal with SEO companies who refuse to disclose what's being done behind the scenes because these SEO companies are in direct conflict with Google's terms of service.

    Examples include creating link schemes which are designed to manipulate Google's algorithms. This can result in you losing the lion's share of your new patient flow. You don't need this.

    The solution is simple. Take your time selecting an SEO expert who understands your goals and is honest with you about how many new patients you can expect from SEO.

    By doing the proper research with a trusted SEO expert, you can avoid years of headaches and thousands of dollars wasted on ineffective SEO. You'll also be pleasantly surprised when you're able to set reasonable expectations regarding SEO in your city. As they say, “measure twice, cut once.” You'll be able to know what you can expect, and decide if investing in SEO is worth it for you.

    Darryl “DJ” Turner

    Great insight into SEO.

    It seems like everyone knows (or thinks) they need it. This really helps clear up the decision-making process when looking at SEO firms.

    If someone is doing paid ads, like Adwords, does that have an impact?

    Justin Morgan

    Not usually.


    It can be a good idea to test AdWords to see how well your website converts search traffic. This can be an eye opening experience.

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