How To: Get Paid

September 17, 2018 | 0

Vendor Shipping Payment Instructions

In order to be paid for the products you sell on the Dental Hub 360 Marketplace, there are a few easy steps you must follow:

After an order is placed to your store, you will get a notification via email.  Here are your next steps:

-Ship your item via your preferred shipping provider and obtain a tracking number for the package

-Login in to Dental Hub 360

-Navigate to your vendor dashboard

-Click on the “Orders” tab

-Hover over the order you shipped click “Tracking Number”

-Enter in the tracking number, shipping provider, and shipment date for the shipment

-The site will notify the customer of their order being shipped and send the tracking number to them.  It will also mark the order as shipped.

-You will receive your payment via the paypal address you provided in your store settings 7 days after the order has been marked shipped:

Please follow this process for every order you recieve.


Thank you for being a vendor on the Dental Hub 360 Marketplace!


-Dental Hub 360