Vendor Shipping Setup

September 6, 2018 | 0

Vendor Shipping Setup Instructions

If you are currently selling products on the Dental Hub 360 Marketplace, please make sure that you have setup the shipping options/costs on all of your products.  If you do not have these set, customers will have difficulty ordering your products.

To setup shipping for your products, please:

-login in to Dental Hub 360

-navigate to your vendor dashboard

-click on the “Products” tab

-hover over your product and click “edit”

-scroll down to the bottom and click the “Shipping” tab

-on the shipping tab, at minimum you must fill out the “National Shipping Fee” or choose “Free National Shipping”

Please follow this process for every product you have currently created if you have not setup shipping already.


For future products you create, you can setup default shipping rates for your entire store that will take affect on a new product when it is created, if you don't override the shipping settings within the product.  To setup your store default shipping settings:

-login and navigate to your vendor dashboard

-click the “Settings” tab and then the “Shipping” tab

-fill out the shipping settings

-you can enter 0 into the shipping fee, or check free shipping if you want free shipping


Thank you for being a vendor on the Dental Hub 360 Marketplace!


-Dental Hub 360