One of the best ways to improve the profitability of a dental practice is by increasing the number of high-fee procedures you perform. With greater profits comes much more freedom for your practice. You can be more proactive about choosing the direction of your practice. You can invest in systems, processes, and training for team members. The list goes on.

But all the benefits of greater profitability are only some of the benefits you get from performing high-fee procedures like dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, and Invisalign. Among the most rewarding experiences, is the impact you will make in your patients’ lives.

Patients who come in for high-fee procedures have often struggled with their oral health for a while. Some are embarrassed by a severely damaged smile. Those patients often hide their smile and struggle with confidence, which costs them personally, professionally, and socially.

Your high-fee services could be just what they need to thrive. You can change their lives for the better, opening the doors to better personal, business, and romantic lives.

Here’s how to attract patients that will lead to higher profits and lifechanging transformations.

Set your vision.

What procedure do you want to focus on building? Do you want to build a thriving dental implant practice? Do you want to see more Invisalign patients? What about cosmetic dentistry? Or, maybe you want to increase your volume with multiple high-fee procedures. It doesn’t matter what you want to build. What matters is that you decide what you are going to build so you know where you need to focus.

Once you choose the procedures you want to focus on, consider whether your vision matches your capabilities. If not, you might need to upgrade technology, update training, or freshen up your office to match the expectations of patients looking for those procedures. For example, if your practice is older and somewhat out of date, it will be more difficult to attract high-fee patients. Knowing your vision will help you understand what you need to do to prepare.

Get everyone on your team on board.

Once you understand where you’re going and what you need to do to prepare, get your team on board with your new vision. Let them know what you want to build and why. Talk about all the incredible transformations they will be able to help patients achieve. You might even reward your patients when your practice achieves goals along the way. Incentivizing your team members is a great way to make achieving your vision a win-win-win for your patients, your team members, and you.

In addition, make sure you give your team the tools and training to help them perform. High-fee patients are unlike other patients. They are motivated by different things. They have different desires and sensitivities. And they have different obstacles you and your team will need to help them overcome to be able to move forward with their treatment.

Make sure your entire team understands the things that make the patients you want to attract unique. For example, the number one obstacle to having patients move forward with dental implants is affordability. Make sure your team knows how and when to discuss affordability with patients and resources in place to help patients afford their care. Can you perform treatment in phases? Do you have multiple financing options to help patients fit their care into their budgets? If not, get in place the things you need and make sure your team knows exactly what resources they have available, whey they are important, and how to use them to help patients move forward with their treatment.

Market your practice in a way that fits your future patients’ decision-making process.

With a clear picture, preparation, and support from your team, you will have everything you need to achieve your vision. The only thing left is to ensure you have a steady flow of ideal patients coming to your practice.

But attracting high-fee patients is unlike attracting other dental patients. For example, they tend to do more research than other patients. That means they are more likely to be searching on Google for solutions to their oral health issues than other patients. Match your marketing to that process by marketing to them when they are searching.

They are also unlikely to make a decision to move forward with care based on one ad. Build follow-up into an ad campaign for people who click on your initial ads but don’t call your office and make an appointment.

Way too many practices try to market to high-fee patients the same way as they do to other patients and only end up frustrated and having wasted a lot of time and money. A much better plan is to understand your desired patients’ buying process and then matching your marketing to that process.

Are you ready to grow your practice with high-fee service?

Growing your practice using high-fee services can be life-changing for practice owners, team members, and patients. By setting a vision, getting your team on board, and marketing your practice in a way that matches the buying process of your patients, you will be well on your way to attracting and closing a steady stream of patients.

If you want help, connect with our partners at Driven Dental Implant Marketing. They can walk you through everything you need to do!