Being a dentist is hard work. Running a practice is even more challenging. The best way to grow your practice is to make sure you are being the best leader you can be. 

What indicates a “good” leader? Or even, a “good” boss? Some might say being driven, reliable, and open. But, how do we implement these ideas into our everyday practices? 

It’s not as difficult as it might seem. Follow these five tips to improve your leadership in your practice. 

1. Have a clear vision for your practice.

What is your end goal with your practice? Who are your ideal patients? How big is your patient list? What is the atmosphere of your practice like? What kind of people work there? 

By asking yourself these questions, you can create a vision for your practice. Creating this vision will help you make decisions with your end goal in mind. 

If your vision is to create an extremely comfortable and luxurious experience for your patients, maybe you begin to save some extra money for massage dental chairs and aromatherapy. 

Having a clear vision will help you see where you are going and keep you motivated to take the next step towards that vision. It will also encourage your dental team members to work towards a shared goal which will connect you as a team.

2. Be open to new ideas. 

The idea of coachability comes into play when being a leader. A leader should be open to new ideas and suggestions, especially from your dental team members and your patients. 

In your weekly meetings or morning huddles, make sure you are approachable so that your team members aren’t too intimidated to bring up ideas. 

Encourage feedback from your patients. You could send out small questionnaires to your patients after every appointment, or even ask them as they are leaving how their experience was and if there are any suggestions. Being coachable is a great quality in a leader.

3. Be aware of your dental team members’ strengths and weaknesses.

Being a good leader also means understanding your dental team’s strengths and weaknesses and making decisions based on such. When hiring your dental team, did you hire a team full of diverse skills? Or do most of the people on your team have most of the same skill set?

If your team is lacking diversity, consider hiring new members with different skills or even encourage your existing team to learn new skills. You could give your team incentives to complete new certifications online, or even take them to a “lunch and learn” every month where you hire someone to show them how to use new resources and tools in the office.

Knowing your team’s skills will allow you to make educated decisions when appointing people to new responsibilities. 

4. Make sure your dental team is communicating effectively. 

 One of the most important aspects of any team is being able to communicate effectively. When your dental team isn’t on the same page, the office seems hectic and overwhelming. 

Encourage team communication by holding morning huddles or daily lunch meetings. Like previously mentioned, this will open up the conversation and allow your team a designated time to talk about new ideas and opinions. 

Make sure you invest in the latest technology that allows you to stay connected. Your phone system should be able to connect your entire practice without being overwhelming. Find a phone company, like Mango Voice that has integrations that include “Ring Groups” which allows a group of extensions to be rung at the same time. Ring strategies can be set to different plans within each ring group.

5. Invest in the best resources and tools. 

Investing in new tools and resources will help your practice stay up to date and show your team you care. 

Make sure you have a “rainy day fund” of extra money in case something breaks in your practice. Investing in the best dental equipment is a good idea because both your team and patients will notice. You know we’re big fans of our partner Mango Voice’s dental phone system. It’s a great tool to help your team thrive.

Like previously mentioned, once you have your vision in mind, you get to decide what tools and resources you want to invest in. Make sure whatever investments you make align with your vision. 

Are you ready to become a better leader in your practice? 

Start by defining your vision, and being open-minded. Make sure your team has the latest resources and tools that allow them to be productive and communicate. 

And, when it comes to tools, if your phone system isn’t allowing you to connect with your team, consider investing in Mango Voice. Mango Voice has a wide range of integrations like Screen Pop technology, Click-to-call, and Live Analytics, and all at tremendous cost savings when compared to other dental phone options.