Building an authentic brand for your practice is important for you and your patients. Create a practice that you want to be a part of and that patients have a consistent and high-quality experience every time they step into your practice.

Dr. Steve Schluentz recently shared three ways to build an authentic brand at a dental CE event held by our partner, Smiles at Sea. Here are three ways he teaches to build a brand for your practice so you can achieve freedom, flexibility, and fulfillment in a way that’s true to your values. 

1. Create a detailed vision.

A lot of business owners know this term but don't truly understand it.

Be extremely clear about your vision for your practice including what your business looks like, how many assistants and hygienists you have, how many patients you have, what kind of relationships you have for in-patients, and what kind of treatments you will offer.

Without this vision, it is nearly impossible to attain your goals because you don’t know what you’re aiming for. 

Having this goal will help you make decisions in your practice because you will have your vision in mind as the end goal. 

2. Build the story. 

Build a story about what your practice will look like when you reach your goal. Importantly, the focus of this story isn't about the dentist, it is about the ideal patient you serve. As you write your story, get crystal clear on who your ideal patient is. Who are you most confident that you can help? Who do you actually want to help? That’s your ideal patient. 

Whether you’re most confident in treating middle-aged women with chronic headaches, or older men with sleep apnea, identify who your ideal patient is. This will help you determine your strengths, allow you to capitalize on them, and make your marketing message clear to your ideal patients that your practice is the one for them.

3. Sell the story.

“Selling” doesn’t have to be manipulative. Selling is something you do for someone not to someone. If you believe in what you do, you should be excited to sell yourself and your practice.

Sell that story in your community. Do events, talk to specialists, and collaborate with people to give your patients the best service.

Once you start sharing your practice’s authentic story, you’ll likely engage other professionals who specialize in similar branches of dentistry.

Not only will sharing your story allow you to get more patients, but you will be able to provide the best care for your patients because you will be networking with other dentists that will allow you to have access to new resources. 

Are you ready to build an authentic brand for your dental practice? 

Without a vision and a story, a dental practice doesn’t seem authentic or special. By creating a vision and story, you’ll be able to reach out to patients with specific needs that you specialize in. 

If you’re ready to build an authentic brand for your practice, check out Dr. Steve Schluentz’s educational video on Dentalhub360. There, he goes into detail about executing the three tasks for building an authentic brand.