Competition is tougher than ever for dental practices. With DSOs and corporate practices popping up all around us, it is more important than ever to build a brand that helps you stand out.

The thing is, while big corporate practices appeal to many patients by selling dentistry at cheap prices, many patients feel more like a number than a valued patient at those practices. That gives private practices a big advantage—to build a brand that positions you to not have to compete on price. By doing so, you will build deep relationships with patients who value their experience at your practice. Those patients won’t leave you for a $59 cleaning offer down the street. 

Here are two ways to build deep relationships with patients so you don’t have to worry about losing them to a low-cost provider.

Deliver a memorable experience.

A common misconception among private practitioners is that patients come into their practice because they provide high-quality dentistry. For general dentistry, patients assume all dentists provide high-quality dentistry, even at low-cost providers. They do not assume dentists provide memorable experiences. That’s how you stand out.

The reality is, patients remember the experience they have at a dental practice—they don’t know much about the dentistry they receive. They have no clue how great of a job the dentist did on placing that crown. They just know they can eat normal foods again when they leave.

But they do know how they felt when they were greeted. And they know what amenities they experienced, such as gourmet coffee or relaxing music. And they remember how easy it was to schedule an appointment.

Create a practice experience that leaves patients looking forward to coming to the dentist. If you do, your risk of losing them will drop and you will likely get many referrals to their friends and family. 

Get involved in your community.

Getting involved in the community helps you and your team members build relationships with residents and local businesses that can help your practice grow significantly. People will see you as caring. They will see you in a relaxed environment. They will get to know you in a setting that does not involve you presenting treatment plans or collecting insurance information. You will develop real relationships with potential customers or joint venture partners.

Even more, according to one study, 87% of consumers said they would be willing to buy a product or service based on a company's advocacy concerning a social matter. Thus, getting involved in local social events could positively influence people to become your patient.

How are you building your brand?

What do you do to build deep relationships with patients and local businesses? In tight competitive markets, building relationships can be harder but it doesn’t have to be. Deliver a memorable experience when people come to your office. That will help you stand out from other dental practices and earn you positive online reviews and referrals. Get involved in your community, too. You’ll build relationships and make a positive impression on local residents and businesses. Even better, you’ll do so while giving back to important causes

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