Building bonds with your dental team is a major key to creating the practice you’ve always wanted. Without unity and deep relationships, your practice can seem chaotic and unorganized. But when you and your dental team build strong bonds, everyone works harder, takes initiative, and supports each other.

Building connection isn’t always easy, especially on your busier days. But these four tips can help you, even on the busiest days.

1. Have morning huddles.

Morning huddles might seem like a waste of time—just another meeting. In reality, they are extremely productive and ensure your entire team gets face-to-face time first thing in the morning. 

Morning huddles ensure that you and your team are on the same page from the very start of the day. This gives your team a designated time to bring up any challenges or concerns they have and get feedback from the entire team. When we jump right into our workday, we tend to focus the majority of our attention on our own schedules. While this is a good thing, it can also prevent collaboration and connection between your team.

By giving your dental staff even just twenty minutes every morning, you can assess challenges head-on. 

2. Create a comfortable and open environment. 

While morning huddles are great, you have to have a comfortable and open environment to get anywhere. If you don’t have that environment, the morning huddles won’t be productive.

If your practice isn’t as connected as you want it to be, ask yourself why. The atmosphere might be off, and you won’t be the only one to notice. Patients pick up on everything, so a strange atmosphere might concern them. 

Encourage your dental staff to be open and honest with you and each other. And engage in regular conversations in your practice, too. 

You and your leadership team can schedule short weekly one-on-one meetings with their direct reports. During these meetings, the team member has the option to talk about whatever’s on their mind. Most of the time, as they get more comfortable, more team members will talk about their personal lives and give you honest feedback about improvements that can be made in the office. That’s a sign of deepening relationships that will pay off in the long run for everyone.

3. Make lunch plans.

Like previously mentioned, it's important to connect with your dental team on a personal level. This doesn’t have to cross any boundaries in the professional sense, but go out to lunch with your team and talk about topics other than work. 

You’ll notice your team will become a lot closer and open up more. 

4. Utilize technology to limit distractions in the office.

Does your phone system allow you to have Ring Groups? If not, check out our partner, Mango Voice’s, phone system because their Ring Groups technology could help you limit distractions that interrupt conversations.

Ring groups are a phone feature that allows a group of extensions to ring at the same time. While that might seem like a simple feature at first, in reality, setting Ring Groups can be powerful because you and your team members can meet without phones ringing where they don’t need to ring. All those one-on-one meetings can be much more effective when your phone only rings when it needs to.

Are you ready to build stronger bonds with your dental team?

Ensure your dental team is communicating effectively by having morning huddles, creating a comfortable environment, making lunch plans and utilizing technology like Ring Group integration on Mango Voice’s phone system to limit distractions. You’ll be well on your way to much stronger bonds in your practice.

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