How to Collect and Use Amazing Patient Testimonials to Grow Your Practice

January 14, 2018 | 0

How to Collect and Use Amazing Patient Testimonials to Grow Your Practice

Does your marketing evolve when the way people search for and choose dentists evolves? If you have been in business for more than a decade, you have witnessed a shift in how people search for and choose dentists.

If you do not evolve when patient behavior does, it’s only a matter of time before your practice struggles to attract new patients.

How People Search for and Choose Dentists Today

More people are searching for dentists online than ever. Google, Facebook, and dental marketing funnels have become the most reliable ways to attract new patients to your practice.

Because of that, patient testimonials have become one of the most effective ways to attract new patients. ️They help you move up Google’s search results. They can be used as videos or written testimonials on your website. They can be shared on social media to let people know what others think of you and your practice. They are some of the best forms of social proof for your practice.

Why Patient Testimonials Are So Powerful

How to Collect and Use Amazing Patient Testimonials to Grow Your Practice

Testimonials allow our most enthusiastic patients to speak to people right when they are looking to choose a dentist. Marketing messages from us and our teams are biased. Prospective patients are wary of them, and rightfully so. But people see testimonials from patients as much more reliable expressions of what it’s like to have us as a dentist.

Decades ago, patients found dentists through word of mouth. If they needed a new dentist, they would ask friends and family for a recommendation. Today, many people use the internet and social media to find dentists. They search Google for “best dentist” in their town, read reviews, and watch testimonials. Once they find you, they look on social media and visit your website to see what it would be like to be your patient. If they cannot find anything, they will move on to the next dentist. If they find glowing patient testimonials, the odds of your phone ringing increase dramatically.

You do not need dozens of testimonials to make a difference, either. You only need five high-impact testimonials to start. Here is how you can get five glowing testimonials in no time.

1. Create an amazing patient experience.

When you treat your patients like VIPs, they are much more likely to give you an authentic glowing testimonial. Upgrading your in-office experience does not need to be complicated. Simply taking the time to listen to your patients and answering their questions goes a long way. Amenities like providing iPads with headphones to ease anxiety from the sounds of equipment go a long way. Or, you could offer gourmet coffees and teas and warm towels to create a spalike environment.

2. Ask patients about their experience.

Too many practices collect copays at the end of an appointment. A better way to utilize that time would be to ask patients to tell you about their experience. If you have created an amazing experience, patients will be excited to tell you how much they enjoyed their visit. The last thing they will do is recap how much they enjoyed their time at your practice. That reinforces in their brain how much they love being your patient.

3. Ask your most enthusiastic patients to share their experience with others and let them know why it’s important.

Train your team members to ask the most enthusiastic patients if they are willing to share their experience with others. Let them know it helps you reach more patients and invest more into improving the experience for everyone. Many patients will happily agree.

4. Ask your most loyal patients to share their experience on a video testimonial.

How to Collect and Use Amazing Patient Testimonials to Grow Your Practice

Some patients will only be comfortable providing a written testimonial. That’s okay. You can still get value from sharing those on social media and your website.

You can make an even greater impact with video testimonials. Video testimonials allow prospective patients to see and feel the excitement from your current patients. Have your team ask your most loyal and outgoing patients if they would be willing to record a short video testimonial for you. Some practices plan who they want to get a video testimonial from during a morning huddle. They then make sure to give them the same great VIP treatment their patients have grown to expect from them. This makes it much easier for your team to know whom to ask.

Do not go buying expensive video equipment for these testimonials. We have video cameras built into our smartphones that are better than most professional cameras from a few years ago. Use your phone.

Do not get your video professionally produced. A professionally produced video comes across as scripted and biased. You will get better results from a short video that was obviously spur-of-the-moment using a smartphone.

5. Share the testimonials on social media and store them in a safe place.

Share your testimonials where prospective patients are likely to see them. Post them on your social media accounts. When people search for you, they will find your social media accounts and often look at your pictures and videos. Boost those posts to key audiences, such as website visitors, email subscribers, and lookalike audiences. This ensures hundreds or even thousands of potential patients have the opportunity to hear about you from your most loyal patients. Finally, make sure you keep your videos in a safe place so you can use them again in the future.

Are you using testimonials to grow your practice?

Testimonials are one of the best ways to attract new patients to your office. If you are not using testimonials well, you could be working way too hard and spending way too much money attracting new patients.

These steps can help you collect five incredible testimonials and share them with thousands of potential patients in no time.