How to Compete with Big Corporate Dental Practices

July 1, 2019 | 0

How to Compete with Big Corporate Dental Practices

Independent dental practices with lean teams sometimes struggle with the idea of having to compete against bigger, corporate practices. With lots of funding and other resources, big corporate practices can often cut their prices so low it’s hard to compete. Or, they give away a free T.V or offer low-priced cleanings.

On the other hand, smaller dental practices often struggle to make ends meet and can’t compete with big giveaways, deep marketing budgets, and low prices. That doesn’t mean smaller practices have to sit back and get trampled by big corporate practices. 

There are many ways to position your dental practice as the top choice even if you’ve got a big dental practice right across the street. You can still be busy, profitable, and a great place to work. In the Nifty Thrifty Dentists Facebook group, Dr. Glenn Vo talked about his recent experience helping an FFS startup compete with the “big gunners” they were surrounded by. 

He asked the community to chime in on what tips they would have for a small dental practice in such circumstances. Here are three ways to compete that stood out.

Be Open During When the Big Practices are Closed

How to Compete with Big Corporate Dental Practices

The vast majority of big dental practices don’t work during the weekends and are only open from nine in the morning until five in the evening during the week. But many patients have to work during those hours. They have to take time off work in order to get the treatment they need. This is an inconvenience they would much rather not have to deal with.

You can make your practice a convenient choice for those patients by adjusting your hours so you are open later in the evening or on the weekends. Even if it’s just one or two days a week that you stay open late, that availability can help you stand out. 

Being open during the hours that bigger dental practices aren’t open is a huge opportunity for any smaller dental practice to get more patients in their chair. In fact, one member of the Facebook group boasted that the average daily production of his practice is 30% to 50% higher on the weekends than it is during the week. Stay open for later hours so that patients can come in for treatment after work. Be open on Saturdays so patients can come in during the weekend when they don’t have to work. 

Get Involved in Your Community

How to Compete with Big Corporate Dental Practices

Sponsor events. Attend community events. Volunteer to clean up the streets. Run a 5K with your team that supports a good cause. There are endless ways to get involved in your community and build real relationships with local people.

Getting involved in the community will also get you more word-of-mouth referrals because more people will know about you. They’ll know about your brand.

Offer Services Big Corporate Practices Don't Offer

How to Compete with Big Corporate Dental Practices

If you offer treatment that the bigger dental practices don’t offer, patients won’t have any choice but to choose your practice over theirs. If they don’t offer specialized complex care like dental implants, patients who need that complex care will have no choice but to look for a specialist or another practice to get the treatment.

Get a Competitive Edge Over Big Corporate Dental Practices

How to Compete with Big Corporate Dental Practices

Work smarter, not harder. It might seem like a David vs. Goliath situation, but with the right strategies you can compete with bigger practices no matter how small your dental practice is. 

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