When marketing your practice, the offer you make is critical to the success of your campaign. You can target the right audience and reach the right people. But if your offer isn’t attractive, patients won’t move forward. They won’t be adequately incentivized to do call your office.

If your marketing campaigns are underperforming, take a few minutes to consider whether your offer is the problem. And if you’re about to launch a campaign, make sure the offer you’re promoting is a winning one. Here’s how to craft a winning dental marketing offer for your practice.

Make sure your offer is specific.

Vague offers don’t work. It’s that simple. Thus, make sure your offer is specific. Otherwise, prospective patients won’t know what they will receive if they contact your office. If they don’t know what they’ll receive, they won’t call.

For example, some of the most successful marketing campaigns promote specific problems or procedures, such as sleep, Invisalign, or dental implants. If you’re promoting a specific problem or procedure, make sure it fits into one of these four categories:

  • A package discount, bundling procedures together.
  • Monthly payment offer, helping patients fit more care into their budget.
  • A coupon or gift certificate, perhaps for a discount or free additional service if they move forward with the procedure you’re promoting.
  • A percentage discount off of your fees (Some practices offer discounts only for self-pay patients.)

Notice we did not include free consultations on the list. That’s because free consultations are not offers that have a great history of success these days. Patients are used to receiving free consultations. They don’t consider them valuable enough to take action.

The best offers tend to be price-related offers that maintain desired profitability for the practice while adding value and urgency to the patients. Monthly payment offers, in particular, tend to be highly valuable, especially for high-ticket procedures.

Use numbers when possible.

The top searches people conduct on search engines when looking for solutions to dental problems are price and cost questions. For example, they might search for “affordable sleep apnea treatment,” “how much is Invisalign,” or “dental implant costs.” Costs and numbers are naturally on people’s minds. Thus, offers with numbers in them hit people’s greatest concerns and will stand out.

Numbers are also specific. With marketing offers, specificity sells. For example, “affordable dental implants” might mean different things to different people. But “$199 a month dental implants” is clear. The number of months or interest rate might be unknown but patients know whether they can fit $199 in their budget.

For these reasons, and more, dental ads with a number in them get much more engagement in them than ads that don’t. When crafting your offer, try to craft one in a way that can include a number in it.

Do market research before finalizing your offer.

Before you decide what offer you’re going to make, research what other practices in your area are offering. Select an offer that your team is comfortable with and you can deliver on with great margins.

Are your competitors offering package discounts? Monthly payments? Coupons? Discounts? If so, what are their offers, specifically? Conduct the searches you will use in your campaigns and see what your competitors are offering. That’s the context within which your offer will be presented.

This research helps you ensure your offer is competitive. If you go too high, you could price yourself out of the market. If you go much too low, you might be seen as low-quality. Make a competitive offer that helps you achieve your desired profitability. 

The research also tells you whether your offer is unique. If everyone is using a monthly payment offer, your offer won’t stand out as well. You might want to try something different in that case.

Are your dental marketing campaigns underperforming?

If your dental marketing campaign is underperforming, the natural tendency is to adjust targeting, budget, or other technical parts of the campaign. While natural, many times the issue is that the offer just isn’t compelling or specific enough. Use these tips to help you craft winning offers for every one of your dental marketing campaigns.

If you want help, connect with Driven Dental Implant Marketing. They can help you craft a winning offer for all of your dental marketing campaigns. They even have a team of U.S.-based virtual patient advocates who help deliver only prequalified implant patients with financing in place to your practice and can help you promote other high-fee procedures as well.