Everybody has those days where you just feel like screaming in your car before heading into the office. However, if you are having days like that often, it might mean you are taking on too much at once. 

Everyone has their own personal lives outside of the dental practice to deal with. If you are going through some tough times at home, it can affect your work life. 

It is your responsibility to keep yourself in check and make sure that you are equipped to deal with the hardships life throws at you. 

Kimberly Y. Culp lays out practical, actionable, supportive, meaningful ways to help individuals in a crisis establish a new normal, improve the emotional atmosphere in the workplace, and re-establish regular routines, get back to regular attendance and productivity. 

1. Take a deep breath and splash some cold water on your face.

Whatever life is throwing at you at the moment- marital issues, parenting complications, financial struggles- you need to be able to take a step back and put it in perspective. 

You are allowed to be emotional about your personal life, however, if you don’t know how to cope with certain issues, they will follow you into all aspects of your life, including your performance at work. 

By splashing cold water on your face and taking deep breaths, it’ll calm the situation. It can snap you out of an emotional episode and can calm yourself to a state where you are able to carry on with your day. 

2. Think about the things you have and are grateful for.

When you are in a bad mental state, all of the negatives in your life seem to stick out. These are the perfect moments to think to yourself about all of the things that you are  thankful for. 

It can be easy to get caught up in the little things that upset us. When we take a step back and realize all that we do have, it can help put things into perspective. 

When you are dealing with personal complications, anything that goes wrong at work seems to amplify. This not only affects the other dental hygienists and assistants, but your patients will notice, too. 

3. Make time to focus on yourself. 

Life is extremely demanding, especially when you work as a dental hygienist or assistant. It is hard to juggle your workload with your personal life. 

It is up to you to learn how to balance self-care and work. You need to set aside time in your life to focus on yourself.

Make sure you get exercise and proper nutrition. If you don’t take care of your mind and body, you won’t be able to give the best care to your patients. 

Set aside time for a personal hobby or activity that you truly enjoy. Whether it's yoga, baking, or painting, find something you love that will help reduce your stress. 

4. Think about the negative things in your life that you can remove. 

When you are in life overload, take a step back and realize it might be something you set yourself up for. We all do things in our lives that are negative that we have control over.

For instance, you may get home from work and allow yourself to watch T.V. until you go to sleep. This is a perfect time to implement a new hobby that can reduce stress and make you feel more productive. 

You owe it to yourself to focus on yourself and create the life you want to live.

Are you ready to start focusing on yourself more? 

Don’t let the pressure of your personal life inhibit you from performing your best for your patients. 

If you want to learn more about coping with the different stressors in your life, check out Kimberly Y. Culp’s educational video on DentalHub360.