How to Increase Productivity at a Dental Practice

June 10, 2019 | 0

How to Increase Productivity at a Dental Practice

How nice would it be to take your dream vacation because your practice is running smoothly and profits are high? And what about spending more time with your family because you can depend on your practice to be productive regardless of whether you’re there?

And what about team members who struggle to take time away because the practice can’t run without them? Wouldn’t it be great for all team members to be able to unplug and refresh?

No matter how you slice it, increased and efficient practice productivity means more growth, more profits, and a more enjoyable life for everyone who works in a practice.

In the Nifty Thrifty Dentists Facebook group, Dr. Glenn Vo asked members to share the biggest productivity lessons. More than 100 responses later, members answered the question with the best lessons they’ve learned. Here are a few of the themes that emerged among the many incredible ideas.

Hire productive team members.

How to Increase Productivity at a Dental Practice

Hiring productive team members was a common lesson that many dentists advocated for. Having a productive team opens many doors for your practice and can help overcome many challenges practices face. It is very hard—if not impossible—to motivate someone who isn’t naturally productive to become productive. A much better way is to hire people who are naturally productive and give them the resources to do their best work.

A common piece of advice from many of the Nifty Thrifty dentists was to hire slow and fire fast. Do you hire with a trial period? If not, consider bringing on prospective team members for a test run to see if they are the right fit. During that time, you can learn whether they are competent, efficient, productive, and good to work with.

Practice productivity of your practice is a team effort. If each team member is productive, your practice will be more productive. But even one unproductive member can slow down an entire team. Be careful who you let on your team.

Put systems in place to support your team members.

How to Increase Productivity at a Dental Practice

The whole point of having team members is to delegate to them. If you’ve hired productive team members, then delegating tasks to them shouldn’t decrease productivity—provided you set them up for success.

It’s crucial that you put systems and processes in place so they know what to do and how to do work that is consistently good. They can be the most productive person in the world, but if they don’t know what to do or they don’t have the tools to do their job well, then they can’t produce anything. Consider having the best systems, processes, and tools in place an investment in your future practice productivity.

Build efficiencies into your practice.

How to Increase Productivity at a Dental Practice

Way too many practices spend all day reacting to the noisiest needs of the day instead of taking control of the day by building efficiencies into their practice. For example, one of the best ways to increase productivity is to use block booking.

Block booking involves planning your schedule ahead of time and scheduling each procedure into the right place instead of scheduling people into the next space.

For example, you could schedule specific blocks—and convenient once—for complex or high-value appointments, such as multiple fillings, implants, or crowns. This makes it easy to complete more complex procedures in as few visits as possible. That means fewer appointments to prep for, file claims for, schedule, and more. Save those spots for the more complex procedures and schedule more simple care into the next available other time slot.

Many practices can serve more patients, in less time, and using fewer resources by building efficiencies like these into their practice.

Can you increase your practice’s productivity?

What are your favorite ways to increase productivity? Let us know in the comments below!

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