How to Listen to All the Top Dental Podcasts in One Place

Working in a dental practice takes a lot of work. Doctors and team members need to take care of so many things every day. We need to constantly consult with patients, treat patients, attract new patients, control overhead and other expenses, and more. Oftentimes, there’s very little time to work on implementing systems and processes and growing the practice to make it better, easier, and more profitable.

There’s no denying the fact that the more we learn from experts on running dental practices, the better our practices can be. We can learn from their wisdom and experience to manage our practices more easily. Team members can implement best practices to make their tasks easier and consistently produce high-quality results. Everything will run more smoothly.

Although there’s no denying the value of getting expert help with our practices, it is hard to find time to cut through all the clutter to find experts who can truly help dental practices.

How to Choose the Best Dental Podcasts for Your Practice

How to Listen to All the Top Dental Podcasts in One Place

Years ago, the only way to find an expert was to respond to an advertisement or get a referral. While those methods are still available today, dental podcasts have become another reliable way to find help.

Podcasts are great because you can listen to them in your car on the way to and from work, while you cook dinner or empty the dishwasher, or even while you exercise at the gym. And they allow you to get to know more about an expert before you hire them. You can hear their voice, learn about their advice, and even test drive some of their advice to see whether they would be a good fit.

Unfortunately, most podcast player apps are clunky and unorganized. The search functions are clunky and easily manipulated by podcasts who stuff their descriptions with keywords like “dental practice podcast” or “dental podcast” to attract dental professionals, even if their podcasts are not focused on helping dental professionals. You could waste a lot of time looking for the right podcast to help you with your practice that way.

Until now.

Stream the Best Dental Podcasts in One Free App

How to Listen to All the Top Dental Podcasts in One Place

With the Dental Hub 360 app, we selected more than two dozen of the top dental podcasts for you, and you can listen to them all in one place. You can stream them directly from our app without having to fill up your phone memory with unnecessary downloads as you do with most podcast player apps.

For example, you can listen to Dr. Anissa Holmes’ Delivering WOW podcast, which helps you develop your practice culture, systems, and brand. You can listen to the Nifty Thrifty Dentists podcast, hosted by Drs. Glenn Vo and Vinh Nguyen, which helps you save money on overhead and find dental discounts. And you can listen to Elijah Desmond’s podcast, Drive Your Practice with Dental Implants, which teaches you step-by-step strategies to attract and convert high-value dental implant patients.

You can learn about revitalizing your practice’s online reputation, increase your visibility and credibility on Google, and use the power of your happy patients to market your practice online with Dr. Leaonard Tau’s podcast: The Raving Patients Podcast. You can learn about how to make your practice bulletproof in the constantly evolving industry of dentistry with Dr. Peter Boulden and Dr. Craig Spodak’s podcast: Bulletproof Dental Podcast.

All of these podcasts work in tandem with one another to help you learn and grow your practice. With more than two dozen pre-selected dental podcasts in one place, you can easily find the perfect combination of expert teachings for your practice.

Better yet, both the Dental Hub 360 app and the expert advice from the top dental podcasts are both are free. The Dental Hub 360 app also has a number of additional features to help you learn, grow, and manage your practice. For example, you can buy new equipment in the marketplace, you can download practice resources, and you can find hours of additional free training on practice operations.

Download the Free Dental Hub 360 App Today

How to Listen to All the Top Dental Podcasts in One Place

Having access to the top dental podcasts all in one place can save you much-needed time and money. And the only place to find all the top dental podcasts in one place is the free Dental Hub 360 app. You can download the app on Google Play or the Apple App Store.