Working remotely has become the new norm in many industries. And while much of the work done in dental practices has to be done on-site, with the right tools, your practice can conduct many tasks remotely.

This is important because many team members remain apprehensive to work on-site. Additionally, offering flexible work arrangements that allow staff to work remotely for a percentage of the time is a perk that costs nothing but is viewed as high-value by team members. But without the tools you need to ensure people can work efficiently from home, none of that is possible.

What if your phone system could help your team stay productive from home? It can. Here are three ways your phone can help you and your team stay productive from anywhere in the world.

Stay Connected to Your Business Through Phone Mirroring

If you’re like most people, your cell phone is close by. Maybe you’re reading this on your phone. It’s rarely far away. What if your cell phone could mirror your office phone? It can if your phone system includes a feature called phone mirroring. 

Phone mirroring allows you to send and receive phone calls from your office number. It even allows people to transfer calls to your cell phone from another office line. You can even park and transfer calls, right from your phone. It’s as if you brought your office phone home with you. What’s more convenient than that?

With phone mirroring, both doctors and team members can confidently leave the office without worry.

Be Able to Access Voicemails Anywhere

As a business, it is important to be able to get access to any voicemails your office receives and be able to respond even if you are working remotely. This is especially true if offices are working with small staffs or staggered shifts or if you’re waiting for information from a patient.

It is vital to be able to access voicemail outside of the office. Today, the best dental phone systems allow you to do just that, even listening to voicemail on your cell phone. Mango Voice goes one step further, allowing you to view voicemails and even transcripts of your voicemail. No more needing to listen and re-listen to messages. You can use the transcripts to enter notes no matter what background noise you experience at home.

Ensure Accuracy of Records Through Call Logging and Recording

Being able to record calls helps the practice and your patients. Every business should have the ability to record phone calls. 

For internal purposes, perhaps you want to record team calls so people can listen back and reinforce new processes. You can with call recording. Or maybe you need to create detailed systems and checklists based on a call with a team member. You can. Just record the call and ask your team member to create a checklist based on your conversation. The options are endless.

From an external perspective, being able to record phone calls makes it easier to promote consistent, high-quality patient support and identify training needs or lapses in consistency among team members. Additionally, recording calls can help ensure any questions relayed from patient calls are accurate and not lost in translation.

Once enabled on your extension, Mango Voice offers the option to log and record all phone calls. Recording calls will allow you to monitor all conversations to ensure communications between staff and customers are maximized to drive your bottom line.

Productive Remote Work Can Make Dental Practices More Profitable and Safe

While much of what dental practices do happens within the four walls of the practice, not all of it has to. With phone mirroring, mobile and transcribed voicemail, call logging and recording, and many other phone features, you no longer need to have a full staff in office to remain fully productive. 

Being able to work remotely helps in many ways. You can leave the office without worrying you’ll miss a marketing lead or important call. You can avoid key staff leaving because they want more flexibility to work from home. And you can ensure the quality and accuracy of operations and patient experience. The list goes on. 

Working remotely has never been so easy with the New Mango Mobile App that keeps you connected to customers, patients, and team members through some of our most cutting edge features. You can even text and call from your business number using their desktop app (and soon from their mobile app, too!).

If you want to learn how much Mango Voice can help your business improve, pick up the phone and give us a call. Be sure to mention this article when you call to receive FREE executive phones when you sign up for a qualified Mango Voice subscription, too.