As a dentist, your main focus is likely treating and healing your patients' ailments. But what if you can become even more productive while providing an even higher level of care to your patients?

With integrating a focus on preventive care into your practice, you can. Not only do you raise your standard of care when you help patients prevent disease, but you will often make more money in the long run.

Here are four steps to improving production with preventative care. For more info, watch this DentalHub360 training video by Dana Myers.

1. Add services for your existing patients.

Instead of focusing so much attention on targeting new patients, take some time to understand what your existing patients need right now. What clinical training can you get to help them with preventative care? What team training can you provide? Do you need to stock up on products to sell? 

Get together as a team and discuss what services and products you can integrate into your practice. This can be tremendously profitable for your practice and free up chair time from drilling and filling for higher-fee dental care like placing implants.

2. Identify technologies to improve the health of your patients.

Stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and resources in your office. This will allow you to better care for your patients and integrate preventative measures for your patients.

Get together with your dental team and discuss what tools would be the most beneficial for your practice. It could be anything from intraoral cameras to simple educational videos. Upgrade your resources to be able to do more testing and evaluations. Think about implementing oral DNA testing, screening for diabetes, or evaluating airways for sleep apnea. There are many ways you can improve your resources and tools to allow for preventative treatments all while increasing your bottom line. 

3. Educate your team so you can educate your patients.

Your having the correct knowledge will help you put a plan in place to heighten the care in your office. Your team members having the correct knowledge will help you implement the plan. Be sure to educate your team so they can educate your patients.

Make sure your team can explain the big picture of preventative care to your patients in plain language. They should be able to tie the care to an outcome the patient wants, such as whiter teeth, and avoid speaking dentalese. Patients don’t care about the technical details. They care about how preventative treatment will help them in the short- and long-term.

4. Have open and honest conversations with your patients. 

With so many patients having tight budgets, some practices make treatment recommendations based on what they think the patient will accept rather than what is the best care option for them. But being completely honest with your patients means informing them of the best recommendations for their personal health.

If the cost is high, you can help them fit the care into their budget by phasing treatment, using dental financing, or both. But if the patient doesn’t know what is best for them, they can’t make the best decision for their health. 

Are you ready to raise your standard of care while making more money?

By adding a focus on giving more care to your existing patients, you can serve them better, make more money, and free up chair time for high-fee dentistry. Follow these four steps to get started. And if you want to learn more, check out Dana Meyer’s training video on DentalHub360.