We’ve all had our lives interrupted by pointless spam calls in the middle of the day. The worst spam calls are the ones that call your job and interrupt your workflow. 

As a dentist’s office, this is especially aggravating. We all know how busy our practices get, and so taking the time to answer a spam call can get aggravating.

While it seems small, all those disruptions add up. In fact, a study found that it takes more than 23 minutes to recover from a distraction. This means not only are we taking time away from work to answer spam calls, but we are essentially continuously being distracted from the spam calls for an extended period.

With public numbers, dental practices are at high risk for unwanted spam. Spammers use technology to scrape phone numbers to a list and then robodial and interrupt you. The best way to fight back is to use technology yourself. Here are a few ways you can reduce unwanted spam calls. 

Utilize Block Caller ID Technology

Simple “block caller ID” technology like what our partner, Mango Voice, offers can help you consistently improve your ability to avoid spam.

How this feature works is, whenever you get a spam call, you can instantly press *999 and block the number forever. It’s that simple to stop allowing them to waste your time and money. This feature can save your dental team from unnecessary distractions and stress. They might be able to get through once but they won’t be able to get through twice, at least not from that number.

Upgrade Your Phones to a Smart Phone System

The real benefit of smart phone systems is that they can be upgraded and grow with you. A smart phone system has the ability to match your growing wants and needs.

Reap the benefits of encouraging higher productivity and efficiency with your dental team and higher-quality service for your patients. 

And with smart phone systems, you can even use integrations to avoid calls from spam numbers from getting through. Even better, the right dental phones actually save most practices money.

About Mango Voice

Mango Voice is a smart phone system that offers top-of-the-line integrations for your practice. With Mango Voice, your dental team will be able to maximize productivity and engagement with patients.

Even better, Mango Voice’s phone system is more than just a phone system. It’s a complete dental practice communication system that’s consistently updated and upgraded. That means Mango Voice will be able to update and upgrade all its features and send those updates right to your office.

As new anti-spam features become available, Mango Voice can instantly add it to your phones, just like it’s done with many other features. Unlike old clunky phone systems that consistently get more and more outdated, Mango Voice stays updated with the latest and greatest features to make your practice run smoothly.

Keep your team focused by reducing spam call interruptions.

Your dental team shouldn’t have to worry about wasting their time answering spam calls. 

To get started, we know of no better partner than our partner, Mango Voice, who is constantly looking for ways to improve practices for you and your team. And they even offer the best dental phone deals around.