How to Run a Social Contest on Facebook to Grow a Pedo Practice

March 25, 2019 | 0

How to Run a Social Contest on Facebook to Grow a Pedo Practice

If you lead or work in a pedo practice and have trouble with marketing, Anissa Holmes recorded a live video in the Nifty Thrifty Dentists Facebook community just for you.

One of the strategies Anissa shared to market your pedo practice through Facebook, is to run a social contest. The best part about social contests is they are free to run. You only need to pay if you want to boost your post to a more specific audience, which you can do for just a few dollars. Together, you can get a lot of people to know about your practice very quickly. Here are steps for how to run an effective social contest to grow your pedo practice.

Social contests work for any practice.

How to Run a Social Contest on Facebook to Grow a Pedo Practice

Companies outside of the dental world have been using social contests for years. They work because they expose a lot of people to your story, your practice story, and what makes you different and unique in a short period of time. They grow your Facebook page following fast and get a lot of people to share your content. It doesn't matter how long you have been in business; any practice can use a social contest on Facebook to grow their practice. It even works well for startups.

Offering a high-value prize to one winner will encourage everyone to share.

For a social contest to work well, the prize needs to be specific and of high value to your desired audience. In this case, we recommend giving one year's worth of free dentistry to one lucky winner. That offer is specific enough to attract entries from people who want their children to get better dental care while not attracting entries from those who aren’t potential patients. It is also a high enough value that people who do not have kids will share your post with their friends.

Avoid offering prizes that are too general. For example, giving away an iPad is high value but everyone would enter the contest. Your team would have to go through a lot of entries from people who would never become your patient. 

Announce your social contest using a Facebook Live video. 

How to Run a Social Contest on Facebook to Grow a Pedo Practice

The best way to announce your social contest is to announce it using Facebook Live. Let people know who you are and that you focus on helping kids in your practice. Tell them about all the benefits their kids enjoy about your practice, such as toy boxes, video games, or iPads they can use. 

Show them how much you love kids and tell them all the great things parents say about your practice. If parents tell you their kids enjoy your office and can't wait until their next appointments, let them know that, too. Show your enthusiasm and passion for helping kids and let people know everything you do to make it happen. 

Let people know what your practice is known for. This gets your audience excited about and invested in your practice story. You might say, “our practice is known for giving an amazing experience to all our patients and investing back into our community. We want to make sure all our patients have a great experience and can't wait until their next appointment.” 

Once you let people see your passion for helping kids, tell them that you are giving something away to change one amazing child's life. Ask people watching to share your live video with all their friends, even if they don't have kids, so one of their friends with kids has an opportunity to win. 

Tell people about your offer and ask them to email entries.

Before you end your Facebook Live tell people how valuable the prize is. Let them know it will include two cleanings and any care they need during the year. 

Then ask people to enter by emailing your office with why their child should be chosen. That helps keep things simple and private. Do not ask people to put this information in a public comment. 

Invest up to $100 to boost your post.

How to Run a Social Contest on Facebook to Grow a Pedo Practice

One of the best things about Facebook is your ability to boost your post to reach ideal audiences. For just a few dollars you can get your content in front of hundreds or even thousands of ideal prospects for your practice.

In this case, I suggest investing up to $100 during your contest to boost your post to moms who have kids in the right age range for your practice. If you see kids ages three to twelve, target moms with kids in that age range who live within ten miles of your practice. These will all be potential patients. 

Your organic reach will be great but if you are going to spend money on marketing, make sure you only spend it to have your post shown to people with kids.

Have your team choose a winner.

Have your team go through the submissions and let your team decide who they want to win. Team members love to do it.

The best part about this strategy is it hasn't cost you a penny. People share it for free. The only cost is the cost of performing the services for one child. But you will likely get many more patients to your practice because people will see how much you care about and invest in kids. They will see what makes you different. And many people will want their kid to be your patient, even if they didn't win.

To watch the full video of Anissa's tips to grow a pedo practice, check out her full video in the Nifty Thrifty Dentists Facebook community.